The 2011 Winter International Historical Military Vehicle meeting (zlot) in Malechowo Poland !

Everyone who likes anything to do with Military Equipment and Military Vehicles, all types including their technical development is invited to come this meeting.

This meeting has become a phenomen, where not ,only Hobbist and Professionals meet, but anyone who’s curious and interested in the subject. Tourist and competitors are on from all over Europe make their way to Malechowo.Collections are on display , Military Vehicles including heavy Tanks.

Are driven and their capabilities demonstrated . Here the hobby is alive as each person exchanges their knowledge and expertise. All those attending share in the EXPERIENCE !

This now famous meeting is the hard work of Organizers Marian Laskowski as well as the countless numbers of volunteer helpers. this is of course, is all complemented and translates into Action by the attendees. The Malechowo zlot offers a large place for all those to meet and admirer military Collections and live –out their passions .

The wealth of Military Equipment includes tanks, motorcycles , trucks , jeeps, amphibians, and many other types of military hardware.

Like a magnet, the blue sky and cold, snow everywhere attracts all hard man !

Therefore, don’t miss the Malechowo zlot the world is coming !

Collectors , Hobbist, tourist, or just a spectator , whatever you are , this is seldom occasion to actually sit in and ride on that Tank right through the deep mud holes or steep drop-offs, those are true off-road conditions and offer a unique chance see and experience this Hardware in Action!